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Ordained Members of Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community

Kathleen Ryan, Priest, ARCWP
518-852 7892

Kathie was ordained June 27, 2015.  She embraces the Theology of Blessing, and believes we are all one, regardless of our faith tradition. Kathie loves presiding and co-presiding with members of the Upper Room. She loves studying, and currently is focusing on Hebrew and Judaic Studies at SUNY Albany.

Kathie is a chaplain at the Grand Nursing Home in Altamont. She has an active role in ARCWP and is currently the Circle Leader for the association.

Kathie has a Masters in Social Work, BA in Spanish Education and Religious Studies. 

For the last 30 years she has worked with individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and grief and loss. 

Kathie was married for 46 years to Edward Ryan. Ed supported her call to priesthood and studied right along with her.  Ed crossed over on February 7, 2016. They have two sons and five grandchildren.

Julie Corron, Deacon, ARCWP

Julie was ordained a deacon September 7, 2019, through the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests and in the company of her beloved Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community. Julie brings her belief that we are all here to care for each other to her chaplaincy studies at Albany Medical Center. She loves to create special rituals for weddings, baptisms, healing, funerals, and all the wonderful moments of life in between. Julie is also a writer, editor, and yoga and meditation teacher. 

James T. Marsh, Priest, ARCWP

Jim’s call to ministry came early in life but didn’t happen as planned. After leaving Franciscan formation, he was involved in many “local” ministries with youth, the elderly, the LGBT community and those affected with/by HIV and AIDS. In hindsight, ‘those years were very formative’ in developing the pastoral mindset and skills necessary for ordained ministry. In 2010, he met Bridget Mary Meehan and was introduced to the Women Priest Movement. Much to his surprise, ARCWP called him to orders and he was ordained a priest in 2016.  
A graduate of Siena College and retired from NYS Education, he prefers to spend time between Albany and his Florida home. He is a member of the Upper Room ICC as well as Mary Mother of Jesus in Sarasota, FL. He is available to celebrate all sacraments in any setting. 

Dennis McDonald, Priest, ARCWP 
(518) 428-8304

(518) 348-1070

Dennis McDonald is a life-long Catholic who believes in the community of equals and that all who are called to priesthood be affirmed in their calling. He has spent his life ministering to young people in church ministry as a youth minister and in education as a college administrator. He is a member of The Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community, a community of equals ministering to members and the greater community through liturgical and sacramental services, as well as educational and social concerns ministry. Dennis was ordained a deacon in 2015 and priest in 2016, after a two-year program of study.  In addition, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and a Master’s Degree in Education.  Dennis is available for baptisms, weddings, memorial services/funerals, anointings, and visitation to the sick.  He is, also, available to just meet and talk with anyone who needs a listening ear.  

Denise Hackert-Stoner, Deacon, ARCWP 



As a nature photographer who specializes in close-ups of insects and plants, Denise can often be found out on a trail with her husband Scott, often on her knees or belly, inspecting some tiny living thing.  She is constantly amazed at the beauty of nature and the Divine Presence in all of it.  Denise has two grown children, Emily and Nathan, and six unique, interesting, and loving grandchildren, who share her enthusiasm for the natural world.  Denise enjoys crafting both liturgical and non-liturgical services for the community, facilitating meditative walks in nature, and using her writing and photography skills to enhance these experiences.  Denise is always happy to work with the gifted members of the Upper Room Community.

Lynn Kinlan, Priest, ARCWP 
(518) 281-5686

The inclusivity of the Upper Room and the lure of a theology of blessing and creation theology are the inspirations behind Lynn’s call to ordination. Belonging to a community that is moving beyond the scolding of atonement is for her, the path less travelled that has made all the difference.  Lynn finds it liberating to be in the company of believers who join as full participants in prayer and worship, eager to break open the meaning of scripture as it may have been understood in the early church. Her service as a priest is focused on sacramental occasions, learning from scripture and writing prayers, poetry, liturgical text and meditation vignettes. Lynn previously worked with the NYS Division of the Budget and taught high school and college English. She is married to Bernie Kinlan, also a member of the Upper Room. Their three sons and daughters-in-law and two grandchildren are special joys in our lives. 

Donna Panaro, Priest, ARCWP

(859) 948-3412

Donna graduated from Lexington Theological Seminary in 2009 with a M.A. in Pastoral Studies. She completed four units of Clinical Pastoral Education with Hospice of the Bluegrass in Lexington, Kentucky. Donna was ordained as a priest in 2012 by ARCWP. Donna is a certified Eden Alternative Associate. Donna has studied Buddhism and values contemplative practices. She completed level one of Healing Touch in 2020. Donna moved to New York in 2018 and is part of the Upper Room Community. Donna is a chaplain at Wilkinson Residential Healthcare Facility in Amsterdam, NY. Donna enjoys creating inclusive liturgies and rituals for important life events such as weddings, funerals, anointing of the sick, births and home blessings. Donna is married to Kim Panaro, ARCWP and has three adult, biological, children, Matthew, Elizabeth and Sarah. She has one son by marriage. Donna loves to play golf, walk, travel and meditate. She enjoys being in nature, going to the beach and creating slideshows.

Kim Panaro Priest, ARCWP, LCSW-R

Kim was ordained deacon in 2015 and priest in 2016. Her call to a deeper commitment to a life of gospel service came early in her teenage years. The traditional options open to women in the Roman Catholic Church did not fit the mission she felt called to. When ARCWP came to the Capital District and the Upper Room Community was formed, Kim found her spiritual home.  Kim is a clinical social worker in a high school. She has a special love of creating unique rituals such as highly personalized  liturgies, weddings, home blessings, blessings for people in transitions, grief and healing rituals.  She is an avid believer in working for a more just society, church and world.   Kim believes strongly in the value of interfaith and interreligious study, meditation  and contemplative practice and  fostering community. Kim holds a  Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and a Master’s degree in Social Work. She is a long time devoted vegan and animal activist. She is available to speak to anyone who has an interest in speaking with her. She is happily married to Donna Panaro ARCWP. Kim has one biological son Sam and 3 adult children through marriage. 

Lindy Sanford-Martinez, Priest, ARCWP 

Lindy’s ministry includes support for the homeless, survivors of domestic violence, those challenged by brain injury, cancer, other major health issues as well as those experiencing death and dying.  She practices Celtic Spirituality using ancient prayers and techniques.  She is beginning to teach this approach to others online.  Birdwatching, caring for her garden, and observing nature are physical forms of contemplation for her. Lindy grew up in Texas, is happily married, a grandmother and has lived in Albany, New York 20 years.  She is a member of Upper Room Inclusive Community. She was ordained a priest on July 08, 2017.

Dr. Mary Theresa Streck, Priest, ARCWP, Ed.D., D.Min.  

Mary Theresa Streck was ordained a priest on September 15, 2013 through the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests. She is a member of the Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community in Albany NY. Mary Theresa is available for sacramental services and pastoral care. She is a trained Spiritual Director and available for spiritual accompaniment. Mary Theresa holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership and a doctorate in Ministry. As co-founder of the People’s Catholic Seminary, she provides courses and seminars in contemporary theology and spiritual enrichment. She is a faculty member of Global Ministries University. 

Debra E. Trees, Au.D, Priest, ARCWP

Deb Trees was welcomed into the diaconate in June of 2015 and ordained a priest of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests on October 8
th, 2016 after 20 years of calling and discernment. Finding the community of the Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community and participating in liturgies and spiritual growth with grace-filled camaraderie is a major part of her lifework. Deb continues her ministry to all others through service to the Upper Room and the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests in leader-servant positions, learning and sharing as she goes. She is active in her home and career environment in several ways and brings her sense of spirit and grace to her work as an audiologist, serving all, including those with limited resources. Her major work as a priest is contemplative, sharing prayer and communing opportunities with all others, and in her striving to learn and illuminate women’s strength in the Catholic Church and society. She has a special devotion to praying the rosary, which she reframed using Original Blessing theology in “The Companions’ Rosary”. She is available to serve in whatever way is requested of her, and is presently participating in a Community Chaplaincy Program through Global Ministries University as well as working towards her Masters degree in Ministry through GMU. Deb is a fulltime professional Audiologist with a private practice in the Capital District. She is available for deep listening, companionship and community work, and hopes to bring her sense of abundance and grace to all.

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